Monday, 22 June 2009

Thea Gilmore - Angels In The Abattoir

Ok this is new! Thea Gilmore is launching a new membership only venture called Angels In The Abattoir.

For 52 quid a year you get a 'partnership' as she calls it. In short this means (taken from the blog)...

"A new, original and unreleased track download delivered to your inbox every month

this will amount to a full, exclusive album every 12 months which will not be available anywhere else.

A lyric sheet, handwritten and signed by me to a song of your choice.

An entry into a 'Thea Gilmore Song Lottery' - all members can suggest a song they want to hear me cover and once during the year I'll pull one out of the hat and record it!

A namecheck on my albums. For the duration of your membership you will receive a special thank you on my albums

Opportunities for exclusive live shows and backstage passes to gigs.

A set of 4 exclusive badges, unavailable elsewhere

Access to a members only website. Designed and run by me, featuring:

Video diaries
An ‘ask Thea’ forum
Previews of new releases, merch and generally getting the news before anyone else."

Read all about it here.

So basically you get an exclusive album (12 tracks in 12 months) and some extras. Now I love Thea Gilmore and her music and this is a great idea but 50 quid is a bit steep. That said, I'm sure Thea would not do something like this and then deliver a bunch of discarded b-sides and a crappy website. That is not her. She has her reputation and credibility at stake.

It starts early to mid-July, according to the blog.

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