Wednesday, 8 July 2009

New Tragicaly Hip album

The Tragically Hip has released a new album, the second with producer Bob Rock. After the musical sidestep World Container this is a similar approach, going from a soft sublime rework of one of the most distinctive bands, to finally inject the edginess that we all know and love (well, some of us at least).

Like other great Hip albums, this takes a few listens. The great In Violet Light unfolds in the same way and the genius is never immediate. But the band has never sounded better musically. Ok at times it veers into cheesy 70's soft rock with guitar solos and strings but We Are The Same is packed with ideas and directions. The epic Depression Suite is three great songs in one and forms a nine minute odyssey at the centre.

This album has fans divided again. Ironically titled and written (largely) at the last minute, this is less a reaction and more a self-realisation of a band's position in the musical world.

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