Monday, 6 December 2010

Cage Against The Machine

Musicians have gathered to 'record' a cover of John Cage's silent piece 4:33 in a vain attempt to keep Simon Cowell and the X Factor machine from bagging the Christmas no. 1 (again!). It is an audacious campaign that brought together the likes of Orbital, Suggs and Pendulum to 'do nothing' during the recording. Pete Doherty didn't turn up. And in an attempt to relive last year, they have named the project Cage Against The Machine.

I'm all for upsetting the X Factor ethos but this is a step too far. Cage's 4:33 is not the 'most avant garde piece of music ever recorded'. It is all too easy to jump on that bandwagon. It is what it is. Nothing. And even the X Factor single is better than that, as a piece of music. Music competition or giving people false hope. It it all the same.

The only positive note (pun intended) is that all proceeds go to charity. I say don't buy it and give some cash to charity instead. Then buy some proper music.

Read about the utter ridiculousness of it all here.

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