Friday, 7 January 2011

BBC Sound of 2011 - Top 5

The winner of the BBC Sound of 2011 has been announced and it's Jesse J. In my opinion, the worst artist of the top 15. This continues the BBC's obsession with promoting new female talent, if they have any or not. Jesse J is more likely to make headlines than hit singles and already has a marketable back story that any X Factor contestant would think was tame. Yes she has had health problems and overcome obstacles to 'make it' but ultimately her image and music is woefully poor.

The top 5 is...

1. Jesse J
2. James Blake
3. The Vaccines
4. Jamie Woon
5. Clare Maguire

Favourite James Blake was beaten into second place with outsiders Jamie Woon and Clare Maguire (way better than J.) in a lowly fifth. Easily the best of the top 15 is US girl group Warpaint whose debut album is magnificent.

The only band to feature is The Vaccines, an indie four-piece combining the modern and the retro and not doing a great deal with a sound that fails to set them apart from their peers.

Wretch 32 misses out as the best urban act for a while and Nashville band Mona also didn't make the top 5.

I'm all for the BBC promoting new acts but seriously they need to recognise quality over image.

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