Thursday, 28 May 2009

New Eels album (MySpace preview)

Hombre Lobo - 12 Songs Of Desire by Eels is released on June 2nd.

Not sure about the new single Fresh Blood - it's all a bit weird and shouty.

The album can be streamed on MySpace, probably for a limited time. So I decided to take advantage and tune in for a listen... and write up a quick preview.

Here's a preview:

Prizefighter - a bit shouty like Fresh Blood with a stomping blues melody. Sounds like E is singing through a facemask.

The Look You Gave That Guy - slower and more reflective love song.

Lilac Breeze - Pacey bitter-sweet guitar pop.

In My Dreams - Another slower song with E crooning along to simple guitar. Great melody.

Tremendous Dynamite - More Black Keys style garage blues with distorted vocals. Has that unique Eels charm.

The Longing - Back to slow and dark. Very minimalist.

Fresh Blood - spooky and bluesy with lot of howling. Some great electronica.

What's A Fella Gotta Do - Rocky shakey pop with more vocal distortion. Great chorus - a bit like Fountains Of Wayne.

My Timing Is Off - Gorgeous guitars. E on top melodic form.

All The Beautiful Things - More of the 'likable' 'lovable' E on vocals with another wonderful love song.

Beginner's Luck - Another slice of weird Eels pop - upbeat yet odd. Lovely. Swathes of guitar and bouncy bass.

Ordinary Guy - Slow one to end...More self-loathing from E and simple guitars.

So a bit more like Souljacker than Blinking Lights & Other Revelations. A bit ragged round the edges and under-produced. Nothing captures the brilliant melancholy of Beautiful Freak or Shootenanny! but it's not bad. Will need a few listens.

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