Monday, 25 January 2010

Thea Gilmore - Angels In The Abattoir Update (January 2010)

A new song from Thea Gilmore for January 2010, for all use Angels, is entitled Who Are You Now Justine?

This is dark moody stuff, and about time too! More of a bitchy rant than a song - with a twist: added lyrics from Pulp's Common People. Thea describes it simply as "a little ditty about the trappings of fame".

Opening, and closing, with the lyrics: "Poor little rich girl wants to be a star...", this pretty much sums up the message. "You can't buy the talent but you can buy the press..." is a spiteful, venomous, bitter and completely justified line. Inside all the spite is an earnest message and almost sums up Thea's approach to music and publicity. Instead of pandering to the populist masses, whoring yourself day and night, and trying every bit of desperate media boot-licking, try something else to enable you to leave within your means and live for your art.

Who Are You Now Justine? is not the best song Thea has made but it's certainly one of the most direct. And I wonder who Justine is..?

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