Saturday, 31 March 2012

2012 Music Chart - March

A lot of great new albums out this month - almost too many to mention. The Tindersticks return with The Something Rain, School Of Seven Bells follow-up two great albums with a third masterpiece: Ghostory and The Ting Tings continue to beguile and delight with Sounds From Nowheresville.

Bruce Springsteen is back with the mighty in-your-face Wrecking Ball and another early contender for album of the year is a début called Shallow Bed from Dry The River - a wonderful collection of songs.

In contrast, Scuba delivers a monstrous set of dance anthems with Personality while the genius of Clark and Gore collaborate for Vcmg to bring us the stunning electronic vibes of Ssss. Siberia by LIGHTS is another wonderful electronic-fuelled album.

Alex Winston's King Con and Frankie Rose's Interstellar are both gorgeous as is Break It Yourself by Andrew Bird. To crown things off Young Man In America by Anais Mitchell is superb - another album of the year.
  1. Shallow Bed by Dry The River
  2. The Lion's Roar by First Aid Kit
  3. Ghostory by School of Seven Bells
  4. Young Man In America by Anais Mitchell
  5. Ssss by Vcmg
  6. Tough Love by Pulled Apart by Horses
  7. Interstellar by Frankie Rose
  8. Blues Funeral by Mark Lanegan Band
  9. Have Some Faith In Magic by Errors
  10. Hello Cruel World by Gretchen Peters
  11. Voyageur by Kathleen Edwards
  12. ¿Which Side Are You On? by Ani Difranco
  13. Sounds From Nowheresville by The Ting Tings
  14. Wrecking Ball by Bruce Springsteen
  15. Kin Con by Alex Winston
  16. Siberia by LIGHTS
  17. The Something Rain by Tindersticks
  18. Something by Chairlift
  19. Break It Yourself by Andrew Bird
  20. Reign Of Terror by Sleigh Bells
  21. Given To The Wild by The Maccabees
  22. Personality by Scuba
  23. America Give Up by Howler
  24. Black Light by Diagrams

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