Saturday, 31 March 2012

Thea Gilmore - Angels In The Abattoir (March 2012)

The end of another month brings all the Angels a new Thea Gilmore song. This one is very much a new song, written and performed the day before it was sent out last week. This is what Thea says about It's True:

"I've been deep in writing mode, getting songs together for a new album.. so this month, I'm sending you a song that I literally wrote yesterday. It may end up on the record, even I'm not sure what I think of it yet but its about as hot off the press as its possible to get so let me know what you think."

It's True is a slow melancholic piece with beautiful poised vocals and a delicate production.

I hope this doesn't end up on the new album, not because it's not a good song but because it will be become nothing more than a free preview. I also don't believe it's quite strong enough for a new album - maybe as a calm closer or with a bit more work, a serene mid-point.

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