Monday, 3 March 2008

LATER...with Jools Holland (29/02/08 - Show 5)

An interesting a varied show this week, noted for the self-indulgence from Jools who can't resist getting in a 'big band' and playing along with some of the guests. The set list is:
  • Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Har Man
  • Vampire Weekend - Mansard Roof
  • The Big Chris Barber Band - Jubilee Stomp
  • Dianne Reeves (Chat with JH and Just My Imagination with JH)
  • The Kills - U.R.A. Fever
  • Devon Sproule - Old Virginia Block
  • The Big Chris Barber Band and Andy Fairweather-Low (with JH) - Gin House
  • Supergrass - Bad Blood
  • Dianne Reeves (with Andy Fairweather-Low and JH) - Today Will Be A Good Day
  • Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma
  • Chris Barber (Chat with JH)
  • The Kills - Cheap And Cheerful
  • The Big Chris Barber Band - Petite Fleur
  • Deven Sproule - Stop By Anytime
  • Vampire Weekend - A Punk
  • Supergrass - Rebel In You

It’s hard to know where to start this week. The show proved that JH still has considerable influence over the choice of guests and after a few weeks in the sidelines could no longer just sit and watch. The showcase was not a new vibrant young act or a ‘big name’ pop artist but instead big band supremo Chris Barber with a whole host of musicians. After the predictable Jubilee Stomp, one of the highlights was Gin House with guitarist and singer Andy Fairweather-Low with Jools at the piano adding his trademark tinkles. The band ended the trilogy with Petite Fleur, a more subtle French/Spanish influenced piece.

The other special guest was soul singer Dianne Reeves and after a brief chat with JH and then a slightly ropey rendition of Just My Imagination, the highlight came in the form of Today Will Be A Good Day, again with Jools and Fairweather-Low and some of the Chris Barber band providing the backing. The mix of blues and gospel was the pinnacle of the otherwise ordinary show.

The ever reliable Supergrass churned out three songs, opening the show with Diamond Hoo Har Man (previously released under the guise of The Diamond Hoo Har Men while one of the band recovered from illness), then a good version of Bad Blood, and closing with Rebel In You. They proved what a great live band they are.

Vampire Weekend, the third of the three song acts were awkward and strange as they started with Mansard Roof, then the annoying Oxford Comma and ended with the best and recent single A-Punk. They are accomplished musicians who create complex, if short, songs.

But the real stars of the show, along side the big band, were The Kills and Devon Sproule. As a duo, The Kills are incredible and there is obvious chemistry between them. They gave us U.R.A. Fever and Cheap And Cheerful, with amazing vocals and guitar. Devon Sproule with her husband Paul were equally impressive. She performed Old Virginia Block and Stop By Anytime. Her vocals are similar to Laura Veirs, strong but vulnerable, and she sings mainly with her eyes closed.

So a mixed guest list with rock, soul, country, alternative, a big band and some famous JH piano boogie. Almost a perfect show.

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OMTD said...

I agree a wonderful selection of artists. Great show.
It showed on South African tv (perhaps a repeat) on 24/01/2010).