Sunday, 2 August 2009

Cambridge Folk Festival 2009

This year's Cambridge Folk Festival has passed me by this year. With not much on the BBC in spite of claims that BBC Four are broadcasting sets. But not until next month :(

"Also, on television, BBC FOUR will be broadcasting sets from some of the top acts featured at the festival."

"The series of three half-hour programmes are currently scheduled to transmit on BBC FOUR from Monday 14 Sept at 1930 and will also be available on BBC iPlayer for seven days after transmission."

Radio 2 have a highlights show broadcast on Saturday - obviously the Sunday line-up doesn't count, I will have to wait for Mike Harding on Wednesday for an update.

So who is playing this year? The full line-up is here.

Like most festivals these days, and I for one think that Cambridge would be exempt from this due to a small (in comparison with say Glastonbury) and eclectic loyal group of festival-goers, Cambridge is continuing to attract diversity. And I'm not talking about The Zutons who headlined Friday night. There seems to be a tradition of encouraging more mainstream 'pop' and 'indie' acts to pick of acoustic instruments and have a go. Some bands can adapt to this very well.

Booker T. played Saturday night and Los Lobos headlined. But the big names of Lucinda Williams, Martin Simpson, Jim Moray, The Watersons etc are always a good draw. Predictable shows from Eddi Reader, The Saw Doctors and Beth Nielson Chapman are mixed with turns from Imelda May, Cara Dillon and the always entertaining Hot Club Of Cowtown.

Cambridge is continuing to be a decent mix of old and new, keeping 'folk' alive at a time when everyone seems to be trying to reinvent it.

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