Monday, 17 August 2009

Radiohead - These Are My Twisted Words

The Radiohead PR continues and in anticipation of a new EP, an unreleased song was leaked onto YouTube last week. Now the band has officially posted the song These Are My Twisted Words on the Radiohead website Dead Air Space.

After the dreadful, but perfectly well intentioned and generous, Harry Patch (In Memory Of), this is a proper song with echoes of a band full of inspiration and incredible talent. After a dark, yet urgent, build-up of rolling guitars, bass and drums, it sounds like a reject from the Kid A recordings. The atmosphere is wonderfully industrial with Reznor-esque edges. Yorke joins in after almost three minutes, this time clear and coherent and with purpose.

A delicious combination and hopefully a portent from a future in which Radiohead return to the days of making decent music; now the band has a solid business model as even better it is free on the website.

You can download it (and new artwork) here.

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