Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Laura Marling opts for more not less

After her impressive debut Alas I Cannot Swim, Laura Marling told the world that she would go even more folk with her second record. She has now reversed that decision...

Laura Marling told BBC 6music that her plans to go 'medieval' with a follow-up were realised during a run-through of the new songs to producer Ethan Johns. It was definitely the right direction, she said. But this sudden epiphany quickly passed by and Marling says they came to their senses and opted for more instrumentation. Her current band, including musicians from Mumford & Sons and Tom Fiddle from Noah And The Whale, influenced her into a bigger record.

"The vibe of it is pretty different to the old stuff," she explained. "There's a lot more instrumentation. There's still a few solo songs but it's different."

"It's pretty traditional," she added. "We went and just rehearsed it for two weeks and came up with all the arrangements, the band and then myself and Ethan [Johns], so it is a lot more band-based than the last album."

So we could yet get a great follow-up to Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down by Noah And The Whale? A big tour is planned next year to promote the new album which is out in February 2010.

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Mark said...

this worries me a bit to be honest. I liked the fact her stuff was so stripped down, too much instrumentation and shell be in danger of getting lost in the masses.

Oh and Noah...'s new album is an odd one. Too personal to be great but raw enough to be interesting. Probably not as good as PTWLMD though. Suffers from not having Marling present

Mark G (tmm)