Monday, 31 August 2009

Thea Gilmore - Angels In The Abattoir Update (August 2009)

It's the second month of Thea Gilmore's Angels In The Abattoir and this means another new song (just the one this time after the double debut for July!).

This month is 'old' lyrics set to a new song, How Will You Know.

Thea found the lyrics that were written around 2004, so that was just after the release of Avalanche, and began setting them to new music. It was recorded last week using a bass borrowed from Ian McNabb, the vocals 'nailed' in one take. And very good it is too, having a very Avalanche-ish vibe. Maybe my question about making another album full of swirling space-aged electronica has had some impact - even though Thea said she is not a Muse fan so a collaboration of 'epic' proportions has been well and truly ruled out...

As for the song, the chorus is magnificent with more great vocals. It has a "dreamy shoe-gazy vibe" that's not quite The Jesus And Mary Chain and shimmers with spiky sampled percussion. It starts washed in melancholy before the chorus breaks through the dark clouds.

In her own words...

"So there it is. A little Thea 4 chord trick, with a title one word away from being confuse-able with a perky Whitney Houston classic. Well come on what were you expecting me to say? That it's an existentialist whimper from the foggy realms of self doubt where personal and professional identities become scrambled? Cos I'm not going to."

The hand-written lyrics are being shipped in a few weeks!

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